That's enough about me, what do you think about me?

I've worked for big and small companies, across all mediums, for pure plays, strategy setups, start-ups and advertising agencies alike. I've worked for myself. I've run my own mobile company. I've worked for businesses in Australia, start ups in Silicon Valley, and the two largest advertising networks on the planet, Publicis Groupe and WPP.

I founded and launched the first DRM-Free music store for Google’s Android platform and have since been heavily involved in the start-up community, both as an advisor and through my own enterprises.

My entrepreneurial ambition saw me heavily involved in the launch and expansion of the Publicis Drugstore, a start-up incubator weaving together agile, small businesses and brand giants to create mutual benefit.

I’m a digital native, a hungry and hybrid innovator who believes we can solve most problems with a better product, a better service or a totally revised approach. Someone who’s more excited about actually solving a problem than simply hiding it.

A speaker at the IPA, mentor for both the SCA College and Digital Futures community, and an advertising awards judge. I’m a leader who’s grown teams, campaigns and businesses.

My breadth of experience within differing positions makes me a versatile, hands on asset who is always wondering what’s next.

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